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Japanese text here.

This is tool for Android App "Llama - Location Profiles".

Llama is powerful, and very easy program system.

Llama have a "SocialLlama" mechanism, that is program encoder.

This page tool is decode "SocialLlama".

How to use


Use in your web page



Other tool

How to use

  • Make Llama event on your Android phone.
  • Long tap your event, and choose "Share event" action.
  • Paste to mail, and send to Your PC.
  • Mail arrived, copy URL (this is coded program) and paste to textbox in this page.
  • Push "decode" button, then display Llama event.
  • If you check "Short URL", then make short URL.
  • If you select language, then display event in another language.
  • Copy Llama event and/or Short URL, and write your Twitter, BLOG, WEB, BBS, etc.

SocialLlama URL:

Decode event


This is sample event.

Click link, then display event.

Start display rotation(sample for "OR")

End display rotation

Save battery (sample for Repeat event)

End SP mode mail (sample for Delay event)

Auto Sync ON/OFF (sample for Multi event)

Test case for very big event.

Short URL sample

Use in your web page

This tool program write on Javascript.

Please profit, when you distribute Llama events on your web page.


example HTML code:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


Display image:



The message of each language used the data currently released on Llama developer's page.

A developer and some translators granted the permission.

(A translator has those who do not clarify a contact address. Someone should tell existence of this page. )

It is a list of permitted languages. Thanks you!

English(developer's original data), Japanese(It was translated by Me)

Polish(PeeJay), French(nico@nc)



In "NFC tag detected" condition, name of tag is always displayed to be "unknown."

Because the tag name is not contained in Social Llama URL. Tag name is managed only by phone.

Android intent Extra data display is different.

Because Javascript number handling is 52bit float only. Can't handling binary data, 24bit float, 64bit long, etc.

Bluetooth event display is diffident.

Because I have only 2 Bluetooth devices.

Probably Llama change a display method, if over 3 Bluetooth devices.

The link to other tools which I made.

If you don't mind, please have a look.

TX-0 Emulator(1960's TVgame running!)

Mail Address Obfuscator

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(last modify 2013-03-08)

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