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Run program

Introduction of a program

lightGunTstmunchingSquarestssDisplayAdapt1Tic-Tac-ToeMouse in Maze

Run program

The selector of a program is at the lower left of a "main console" (probably it displays on the upper left).

Please choose a program and push the "READ IN" button.

It waits for reading of paper tape. If it finishes reading, a program will begin to run automatically.

When using another program, before pushing the READ IN button, it is necessary to push the STOP button.

Introduction of a program


This is for testing a light pen. It is not fun.

If the belt of light is pushed with a light pen (a mouse is used instead), light will appear in somewhere else of a screen.


It is early "display hack".(in 1962)

Please change a TAC switch. Recommendation turns ON about No. 5 to 8.

It seems that famous HAX was also the same. However, I have not found the program.


It seemed to be the program for testing a "flexotype". It is not fun.


The binary number inputted by TSS (Toggle Switch Storage) is displayed on a screen as an octal number.

In TX-0, it was an advanced technique to display a character on a screen itself. This is also a kind of display hack.


Please push the displayed point with a light pen and move a pen slowly.

Although this was also display hack, it was also a kind of art.

While taking out the beautiful screen, a tape puncher continues destroying a tape.

(I think that it is hard to understand operation since a tape puncher's operation is not emulated)


Tic Tac ToeIt is a result of early artificial intelligence research.

TX-0 takes charge of O and man takes charge of x.

In order to place x, the point displayed in the center of a frame is pressed down with a light pen.

To a question, the point on the right of YES /NO is pressed down.

if you would like to win : x can be drawn also on the place on which the circle was already drawn.

Mouse in Maze

Mouse in MazeIt is a result of artificial intelligence research with the masterpiece of display hack.

The operation mode is changed by TAC. Each switch has a meaning of the following.

No.0 --- "do". A command will be interpreted if it turns ON.

No.13 --- "write"

No.14 --- "erase"

No.15 --- "walls"

No.16 --- "mouse"

No.17 --- "cheese"

For example, it will be set to "do erase walls" if 0, 14, and 15 are turned ON.

At first, a maze is made in this mode using a light pen.

If a maze is completed, please perform "do write cheese" and "do write mouse."

If ready, a mouse will begin to run by "do mouse."

If it arrives at cheese, please carry out OFF/ON only of the "do" switch.

The mouse remembers the maze and follows even cheese straight.

This program also has many bugs and its study capacity of a mouse is also small.

A mouse sometimes cannot find cheese.

You need to make the maze where a mouse can find cheese.

It is the following command when a motion of a rat is strange.

No.0 and 14 to 17 is turned ON. --- "do over"

No.0 and 13 to 17 is turned ON. --- "do erase storage"

More detailed explanation is here.

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